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Welcome to Right Way Custom Molded Shoes Inc.

Right Way Custom Molded Shoes Inc. we are dedicated to provide the highest quality of custom footwear. We are a small company that takes great pride in our products and will work with the patient and practitioner until both are satisfied.

Our craftsman has 30 years of experience in hand making every shoe using quality materials. This along with our competitive pricing, highest quality materials and our pride of craftsmanship that shows in every pair of shoes, we strive to become part of your team. Read more

Since 2005 Right Way custom Molded Shoes Inc. located in Riviera Beach, Fl. has been manufacturing and designing high quality custom footwear products. We have provided an innovative source of custom footwear for both patients and their practitioners..

We dedicate much time to fitting and crafting men's and women's shoes based primarily on the orthopedist's prescription to satisfy all your wants.

The highest quality materials provided by the most competitive market in the United States are used in our job. This guarantees 100% satisfaction and a lifetime in all our products without extra cost. Our footwear helps you in the treating and preventing excessive pronation, future pain or chronic wounds. All the process is supervised in the medical stage and in the technical one, which gives the shoe an aesthetic and functional shape in accordance with the patient's needs. Our shoes are totally handmade, ensuring that you will have right treatment for your feet.

RightWay Custom
Molded Shoes Inc.

SUITES: 9 & 10
TEL 561 840 6792
FAX 561 840 6799

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